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by Sasha Kurmaz
Anonymous: You believe that gender does not exist except as a social construct, but I read that lesbian women are drawn to each other because of intrinsic female personality traits (not physical attraction alone). Does that not imply that there are specific characteristics of the brain and its hormonal environment that separate females from males as well as gross anatomy? Are you really suggesting that in a genderless society, these differences would not be discernible?


What specifically were those “intrinsic female personality traits”? Empathy? Non-stunted emotions? Caring? A sense of responsibility? Qualities of a good human being? Cause that’s really what separates the two genders: Masculinity is violent, void of emotions other than anger, sense of entitlement towards other humans and nature, domination, selfishness and power-hunger. Whereas femininity typically contains qualities that makes you into a good human being, as well as submissiveness, selflessness - all in order to fully extract the energy and work of women for as little cost to men as possible.

All these traits are taught since birth.

Of course lesbians are drawn to each other by other factors than physical attraction and anatomy, we all are. it’s called preferences, and that’s no news. I don’t see how that proves gender is real and biological in any way. Being attracted to someone who’s caring and kind isn’t being attracted to a gender, we have just decided to label those characteristics as part of the feminine gender.

- Vixen


you ever notice how in women’s razor commercials the models’ legs are already completely hairless before they “shave” them

like we can’t even handle showing body hair in a commercial about how to get rid of body hair

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do you ever like become hyper aware that your name is your name and it just feels really surreal when anyone says it, and it’s weird because that’s you! you have a name. usually your name is just sort of invisible but then you realize it’s a thing that exists and proves you exist it just feels so fucking unreal

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by Hakuchi

Kitazawa Shigeru

Fuck you, Mark Hoppus.  You are beautiful.

India. Jodhpur, Rajasthan. 2010. Blue City.
Photographed by Steve McCurry

ferns in the botanic garden / june 2014